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Latest News

Islanders Baseball!

Sunday, May 19th - Islanders vs Maplewood. This was a little test. We hope to be streaming the game LIVE next week. Stay tuned!


Island Scoop
Episode 6

Matt Kokes and Emily Small give an update on some hot Washington Island topics! 


Post - Storm Breakdown

Police chief Tyler McGrane joins Fire Chief Peter Nehlsen and WIFD member Adam Steffen in a post-storm post-power outage breakdown.



The Blues Show

Tom Pratt showcases his favorite blues music and share its rich history.  Join him as he takes you on a journey through the great blues classics and introduce you to new tracks you’re sure to love. 

Mississippi John Hurt Playing the guitar
Vinyl record on a turntable

Album Breakdown

Washington Island is home to an incredible music scene, and on Album Breakdown, we're not just celebrating it – we're diving deep into it. Explore the Island's most exciting albums and reveal all the secrets behind the songs. 

Island Radio Team

Emily Small
Matt Kokes
Tom Pratt
Jim Sorensen
Kevin Jones
Julian Hagen
Talya Ann De Young

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