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School Board Candidates

Listen to interviews from the 2024 Washington Island school board candidates. Please vote on April 2nd!

Michael Gillespie


Erika Sawosko


Michael Thielke


Political interview and programming process: Island Radio committee members pre-recorded each candidate’s interview individually; each candidate received the questions in advance of their scheduled recording session; candidates were asked the same questions, in the same order and allotted the same amount of air time for their interview; Island Radio committee edited interviews for sound quality and clarity only; Island Radio will make all three interviews available on demand, on the website, at the same time before airing them on streaming schedule; Island radio will air interviews in randomly-assigned order on the streaming schedule two weeks before April 2; Island Radio will publicize the process for all political candidate interviews and relative programming etc. in interest of fairness and transparency. 

* Micheal Gillespie is officially a member of the Radio Station Committee and a TPAC Board member. He was unaware of our intention to interview school board candidates until they were all notified of our desire to conduct the interviews; and he had no prior knowledge of the questions until the candidates received the questions.

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